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EuroDNA syndrome
Networks of interests within the EU are fighting to get to control the OLAF, the powerful institution watching community funds, an institution subordinate to Barroso's European Commission.
The political battle in Romania, targeted at control over the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department), has therefore got a European pattern. In a 100-page report, MEP Paul Van Buitenen is pointing to the fishy reelection of Franz-Hermann Bruner to head the OLAF, despite the disastrous management on the institution.
In his interview to ZIUA, Buitenen mentions lots of tricks by which the German still heads the institution. He also invokes the pressure coming from two top EU officials: Hans Pottering, a president of the Parliament of Europe, and Martin Schultz, head of the Socialist group.
The conclusions of Buitenen's analysis are to reach the president of the committee to control the OLAF. The report is to be released to the budget control committee of the Parliament of Europe in November 26-27.
The European Commission together with Franz-Hermann Bruner, Martin Schultz and Hans Pottering have denied the accusations. Still Buitenen warns that, unless settled, this will be a ticking bomb to explode soon. Lorenzo Cesa, a former member of the budget control committee, also claims there is a network of interests pursuing to get control over the OLAF and he pleads that such a service can't possibly turn into a very dangerous, personal toy to serve private interests and deals. (C.U.)
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