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Prince Radu had official meetings in Washington
-- During his visit to Washington in October 11-13, Prince Radu met with Tom Lantos, a president of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. The two talked about the Romanian-American partnership, the development of democracy and liberties in Romania and the Royal Family's role in the Romanian development.
During his visit to the US the Romanian government's special representative also met Judith Garber, a deputy assistant of the state secretary for Europe and Eurasia in the State Department. The two officials focussed on Romania's future role in the Balkan region and the Back Sea region, as well as on the means to achieve partnership and collaborate for events on clime changes.
Prince Radu had a meeting with Rob Benjamin, a regional head for Central and Eastern Europe, and Ivan Doherty, a head for political parties, in the National Democratic Institute and they developed upon the democratic evolution ongoing in Romania. Romania's representative met with more officials: Anthony Blinken, a senator coordinating the permanent advisers of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Senate, Daniel Mariaschin, an executive vice president of the B'nai Birth International, and Rabbi Andrew Baker, a head of the Jewish International Affairs in the American Jewish Committee.
In the opening of the 15th yearly edition of the yearly reunion of the Congress of Romanian Americans in the US (CORA), the Prince delivered a lecture on Romania. (D.I.)
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