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Romanian officials banned access to Chishinau
The customs employees stopped three official delegations from Romania, invited to attend the official ceremonies dedicated to the capital city of Chishinau at the border between Romania and the Moldovan Republic stopped three official delegations from Romania and forbade them to cross the border, without providing any explanations. Last Friday at 4 in the afternoon the Romanian Embassy in Chishinau was announced by the representatives of the City Hall there that the three delegation were not allowed to enter the Moldovan Republic. The Moldovan customs authorities claimed the guests from Romania lacked an authentic invitation from the organizers.
The Romanian Consul in Chishinau went to the customs in Albita-Leuseni to decide on the circumstances under which the Romanians had been forbidden to reach the Moldovan Republic. But all the customs authorities said was that access to the Moldovan Republic was banned.
No explanations
Dorin Chirtoaca, a mayor of Chishinau, argued in press conference that the delegations had been disallowed to enter the Republic without getting any real explanations. Mihai Ghimpu, a president of the District Council in Chishinau, mentioned the only Romanian delegation who had managed to enter the country had been the one from Bucharest, whereas the ones from Bacau, Navodari and Targu Mures had been banned access.
The mayor of Chishinau emphasized: "They have invoked various reasons. But any such reason is illegal, because any EU citizens has got the right to cross the border to the Moldovan Republic without showing any invitation. And it was about an event organized by a public authority, be it urban or rural. It was about the City Hall of Chishinau, there should have been no obstacle. On the contrary, they should have got help."
Dorin Chirtoaca invoked "a political matter" and he mentioned he had talked to the Moldovan customs authorities who had told him this was "an order". The mayor added no one wanted to settle the problem or answer the phone. They tried to reach the Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin and tell him about the situation, but he could not be found. The mayor of Chishinau outlined the Ukrainian delegations had had no problem when crossing the border.
Romanian President: "It is unacceptable"
The President of Romania Traian Basescu described the situation as "unacceptable". His commentary was brief: "This cannot be! It is unacceptable! What is going on is dreadful, but no more comments from me."
Foreign minister: "Pre-established decision"
According to Adrian Cioroianu, Romania's foreign minister, the incident was "a decision of political nature, a decision that seems pre-established". He mentioned: "By disallowing these Romanians to enter the Moldovan Republic, they actually wanted to undermine the authority of mayor Chirtoaca."
Interior minister: "Unexplainable attitude"
The Romanian interior minister Cristian David commented: "Moldovan authorities' attitude is unexplainable, since they gave no explanation on the incident. Last Saturday I asked the Moldovan interior minister for explanations and I would like them to make things clear." (...)
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