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Do you speak Transdniester, dear Mr. Orban?
-- Maybe a lot of Romanians have found the Moldovan Republic's latest aggression against Romanian aberrant. But it is a piece of cake, as compared to what the 'Moldovans' did to us in Brussels.
I think it has been the first time when several Romanian officials have protested against the Chishinau authorities' guts to stop several Romanian delegations at the artificial border of the small republic invented by Stalin and the USSR strategists. What many have not noticed is that it a border between the CIS, the NATO and the EU and that the Russian soldiers don't search the enemy's territory from the Dniester River only, but also from the other side of the Prut River too. Vladimir Voronin, Moscow's general, has just returned from the "CIS peoples' congress' in Dusambe. Among others, during the congress they "consolidated" the collective security treaty of the CIS and the protocol of collaboration, including military collaboration, with the Cooperation Organization in Shanghai, a world colossus scolding the EU, due to which China has got a new border with the US, a Black Sea border.
The opposition is as hot as possible in Bucharest, for the electoral campaign is going on. But is anyone taking responsibility for the present stage of the relations between the two Romanian states?
Any observer in the region is aware that Chishinau's aggressiveness has been growing: deadlock of broadcasting from the Romanian Public Television and mock of Romania's history because of the scandal on visas for Moldovans and double citizenship. And therefore nothing is new. The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pretending to know nothing. Minister Cioroianu, speaking like a parrot, just as ex minister Ungureanu used to do, allows Hungary and Bulgaria to be perfect representatives of the Hungarian-Slavic interests in the space close to the EU, the Romanian East. The flower bridge over the Prut River turned into a bridge of ice, although the Siberian winder hasn't come yet. Although few admit it, the issue at stake is actually Transdniestria, Russia's garrison at 200 kilometers away from an important US base at the Black Sea, on Romanian territory. Were it correctly approached, this challenge could cause the artificial Moldovan state to dismember. Unfortunately, the Romanian administration is unable to settle it. As compared to how much Romania is harmed because of this administration, it is nothing.
The Moldovan Republic's opposition to Romania has been here for some months now. All those entitled to protect Romania know it, which is almost unbelievable, and all the enemies of the "Latinity island" are now rejoicing. It is unbelievable that the EU acknowledged the 'Moldovan language' and made it official. And Romania is now supposed to put up with it. The outcome of the Moscow and Chishinau intelligent operation should fall like guillotine on the necks of Romanians officials such as Lazar Comanescu, an ambassador to Chishinau, also known as '4,500 Euro', foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu and the staff in the Foreign Intelligence Department, supposed to serve Romania. The news reached us last week, but it has passed unnoticed by the Romanian press. In October 10, the EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini and Andrei Stratan signed the Agreement between the European Union and the Moldovan Republic on the readmission of people on illegal residence. The document is elaborated in the EU official languages, with the 'Moldovan language' among them out of the blue. And Romania is proud of producing a product for 'multiligualism', a true EU Commissioner: Leonard Orban. The document also stipulates that the nationality of Moldovan citizens will be recognized and proved also by the results of an official text in the language he speaks.
In what terms are a nation and a national state defined? Once the territory has become a part of a whole, it is mainly the language and the region that are left. The Orthodox faith is assailed from all sides, from within as well. And now we have stealthily lost some of our language, without any defense, although the officials have known about the document since September, and without any official response, although it happened some days ago. There is one solution: to propose that the Transdniester language should become official too...
Victor RONCEA 
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