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Europe's boyars
Romania is poor, but proud: its inability to assimilate the EU funds in 2007 welcomes the country to the select club of the top members supporting the existence of the EU.
Instead of spending a significant amount of the 30 billion the EU is fueling for 2007-2013, the Tariceanu Cabinet will pay 1,15 billion Euro from Romanians. The contribution negotiated for 2007 was 864,4 million Euro, but Romania is going to play almost 300 million Euro more because of a report on the 8,5% unprecedented economy growth. It doesn't matter that the country is about to lose a quarter of the funds for agriculture, estimated to more 400 million Euro.
Since Romanians are richer in 2007, we have all got to contribute more to the EU budget. The President of the Parliament of Europe met public opinion expectations when saying early this year that he was starting a battle with no taboo on the way the funds were being spent. And it is starting indeed.
Such 'record' of the Bucharest government, unequalled by any other newcomer to the EU, is turning Romania from a spender into a gross contributor next to Germany, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands or Italy. (...) (C.U.)
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