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LATEST - In Brief
Show the warrants!
The bugging of the phones belonging to businessman Gheorghe Ciorba, which led to the ex minister Muresan and also to the ex agriculture minister Remes raises questions on the legality of the phone calls interception, as no institution admits doing it.
The Remes-Muresan case is still shrouded in mystery. Apart from the controversies on the authenticity of the evidence unveiled so far, proving that ex minister Remes took the bribe or not, there are more details that need clarifications. One of it is the legal grounds for intercepting the phone calls of businessman Gheorghe Ciorba and watching him. As known, he was the key element targeted and they got to the ex minister Muresan and Remes. (...)
It is certain that both the National Anti-Corruption Department and the Romanian Secret Service should tell which institution intercepted the businessman's phone calls, so that they would do away with all doubt. They should explain who asked that he be watched and due to which warrants, if there were any.
On the other hand, the recording showing Remes, Muresan and Ciorba was broadcast again and yesterday some more recordings came out. They show images of Muresan and Ciorba and phone calls between the two, as well as some phone calls to Steluta, the wife of Decebal Traian Remes. But this time it was not the Public Television that released the recording, but the www.hotnews.ro, an Internet servant of Romanian Presidency. Last Monday the same website announced the Public Television was going to broadcast the first recording to show minister Remes taking bribe. You can watch this latest recording on www.ziua.to. (D.E.I.)
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