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New Ku Klux Klan
It is now obvious that the decision to release to the public the recordings and the stenograms emerging by investigations against two ex ministers and one businessman belongs to Traian Basescu. Daniel Morar, a head of the DNA (National Anti-Corruption Department), a remnant of Monica Macovei, admitted it officially that he had provided the documentation to the President, since the Cotroceni commission had been suspended and then dismembered. The commission would have been the only one entitled to get the documentation. The President claimed having put it in the safe and not having taking it out. He also expressed a too early opinion by claiming in the documentation there were "proves" much more serious than the ones released. As I know our President's past, I can only conclude that he released the criminal inquiry documents before the people at stake were announced about these documents or even before an official inquiry started. As for Daniel Morar, he broke the law - how many times did he do this? - by giving information on the progress of some cases to the head of state, which is a power in state different from Justice. The question is the following: why does Traian Basescu have this obsession, very harmful for Justice and democratic institutions, that inquiries and trails must be held in the public square instead of in the institutions meant for it? Why are there face-covered people who behave like some Ku Klux Klan members, inciting people to play courts, thus arranging the public execution of some political adversaries?
This view and this anti-democratic practice originate in Traian Basescu's past. He was an intelligence officer and it was then that he got accustomed to instruments other than the transparent ones to accomplish missions. Secondly, while a ship captain before 1989, he was in charge of a special kind of economic unit. While far from the country and subordinate to military regulation, Traian Basescu took action imitating Nicolae Ceausescu, just like a small dictator. Occult operations prevailed instead of law instruments. This is why he got into conflict with the crew many a time. Most ship captains had a triple status: 1. a head of a special group, the most visible status; 2. an officer or collaborator of the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania); 3. a smuggler. And there were no exceptions to the rule. All the captains of ship and aircrews used to bring products, sometime banned products, to the country without paying the customs fees, in order to make a better living. The ex Secutitate would pretend not to see it. In those years it was the way some ex Securitate collaborators were paid. Traian Basescu's entire education and experience are subordinate to these "values". After 1989, Traian Basescu was investigated several times. He was suspected of being the reason why Romania's strategic fleet went extinct. This time as an "objective", he was faced with the repressive state institutions harassing him, using the inherited mechanisms and procedures.
We can therefore understand why Traian Basescu says one thing and does the other when state institutions are at stake. Given his previous experience, Justice is to be disdained and its methods are out of date or even harmful. Therefore Justice must be replaced with something else, which is why the secret services and the prosecutors enjoy the President's full protection as long as they please him. And Justice is Cinderella.
But how can there be inquiries and executions without Justice? They can be held in the public market by media lynching. His political adversaries are no longer investigated on, but just pointed to, humiliated, sentenced and subject to public rebuke. It is the new Ku Klux Klan. When Justice reaches verdict, it will be too late.
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