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  Nr. 4047 de sambata, 29 septembrie 2007 
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Liberals dismiss President's offer
Some representatives of the PNL (National Liberal Party) reacted to the statements the Romanian President made last Thursday by saying that President Basescu was neither credible enough nor morally entitled to propose that the alliance of the PNL and the PD (Democrat Party) should be rebuilt. They claimed the head of state was the main guilty for the alliance's death.
Liberal Bogdan Olteanu replied that the PNL didn't trust the President's proposals, adding that Traian Basescu's "main concern" had been to destroy the PNL-PD Alliance and the governmental coalition.
According to the Liberal official, the President "managed to kick the Conservative Party out of the government, to break the PNL in two and, last spring, to force the Democrats into choosing faithfulness to Traian Basescu instead of solidarity within the Alliance." He concluded: "Traian Basescu is now claiming to be trying to mend what he broke, but I don't think he is still enjoying the necessary credibility. The Liberals no longer trust Traian Basescu and we can't trust what he offers." (...) (R.G.)
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