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Romanian President wants a Democrat PM
"I will certainly choose a Democrat PM" if the MPs pass the Social-Democrats' bill against the government. It was the President of Romania Traian Basescu who announced it last Thursday in a talk show on the public television. The President informed that if the bill was successful he would try to establish a government of representatives from the PD (Democrat Party), the PNL (National Liberal Party) and the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party), with a PM from the PD. (...)
The President said he hadn't read the bill text, since it was not Romania's priority. He described as priorities the election of MEPs, the settling of the uninominal vote in the electoral law and the making of a majority to support the government. He claimed the government wasn't working as it should. President Basescu promised he would make no pact with Mircea Geoana and he pleaded for the bridging of gaps between the center right groups: "If this government is overthrown, I will try to rebuild the right, that is the PNL, the PD and the PLD. (...) It can be the nucleus of a government with transparent support from the Parliament."
As for the PM, the President put it straight that he was sure not to appoint Liberal Calin Popescu Tariceanu a PM once again. He argued: "I will certainly choose a Democrat PM. But if the center right alliance recovers, we must see if, because of the protocol, I will have to appoint a Liberal PM."
The last solution: a national union government
Yesterday he came up with a different solution, in case the bill passed and the Parliament dismissed his first proposal: a national union government, but without the PSD. He opined the bill would fail and argued for his new solution: "I will have to talk to the parties about a solution such as the making of a national union government, not necessarily with all the parties. I mean without parties whose time for governing hasn't come yet, that is the PSD, still an unstable partner."
According to the President, the failure of the bill was most likely and he warned he would continue to put pressure on the Romanian PM so that he would admit the support he enjoyed from the Parliament. As for early elections, he claimed the time was not right for such a thing, for it would mean the postponing of the election of MEPs and Romania would be a fool in the eye of Europe. And early elections would have to abide by the old electoral law, but not by the uninominal vote, a scarecrow for all parties. (O.B., R.I.P.)
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