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Hysterical show
Just as I estimated, Traian Basescu is making use of the whole equipment so that PM Tariceanu will be given the sack next Wednesday, if the bill against the government is successful. On Thursday evening the head of state made a TV show for public opinion. It went on yesterday too, but this time on the public radio post. And today he is addressing the 'people' in the University Square, Bucharest. The show is growing hysterical, as the destructive call of the 'president-player' is coming out.
While chatting about his meeting with Mircea Geoana in Cotroceni Palace, Traian Basescu pretended to leak some pieces of explosive information. Three of them are about the PSD (Social-Democrat Party). It is a party the head of state affords to criticize, teach and offer solutions to, despite the Constitution. One piece is his statement that Mircea Geoana is the young wing in a party that should get renewed with people of the same kind and eliminate Traian Basescu's traditional adversaries and it would thus become eligible for any sort of political combination. And for taking over again in the future, the President suggested. Of course there was a bizarre metamorphosis in the President's mind, since the President had offended Mircea Geoana so many times before, humiliating the leader of the largest parliamentary party. Given the direction from the President, Mircea Geoana should start eliminating some party members at once.
Another piece of information dropped is that his meeting with Mircea Geoana in Cotroceni Palace was not a tete-a-tete one. There probably were several participants: the head of state, some one or two advisers, Mircea Geoana, some representatives of the PSD, their names still secret, and some two or three outstanding members of the PD (Democrat Party). Therefore it was not the generous President who provided counseling at the request of the political opposition's leader. Cotroceni Palace housed negotiations, in fact, and in the end they made a pact. I am reminding you that ZIUA was the first publication, if not the only one, to disclose the nature of the agreement made in Cotroceni Palace. Mircea Geoana is forcing the PSD into going all the way with the bill against the government, an initiative supported from the shadow by the National Anti-Corruption Department, the President, the PD and the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party). It is meant to establish a minority PD government to arrange early parliamentary elections in the spring of 2008, to be held at the same time with the local elections. The PSD gets nothing in exchange for it, but Mircea Geoana gets consolidated as president of the party due to the opening of action, generally of criminal nature, against his domestic rivals. What good business it is for Traian Basescu! But it is spoiled by the very party authoring the bill and refusing to trust Mircea Geoana all the way.
Traian Basescu also mentioned that, unless a government of Liberals and Democrats was possible, without Tariceanu as PM, of course, then he would appoint a Democrat PM after the government collapse. Guess who will become a PM? But Vasile Blaga has still got to wait. After outlining that he was not the President of all Romanians, but only of those supporting him, Traian Basescu informed us that, after the parliamentary elections, early or not, it would still be him to make the rules by appointing some PD member a PM.
And tomorrow there will be one more classy show. The great player will be dropping by University Square at about 6 in the evening by accident, but we already know it! If he is lucky enough to run into a large group of adepts, brought there on purpose, then he is sure to address them. And microphones will show up from nowhere, together with people crying out to complete the presidential message. It ill be a hysterical show.
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