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PSD leader: Basescu must be cautious
The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) leader Mircea Geoana asked Romanian President Traian Basescu yesterday to prove caution in foreign affairs and in the relations with the Moldovan Republic in particular. He claimed the Romanians in the latter country could fall victim to the recent dispute between Chishinau and Bucharest officials.
It was a reply to the President's statement last Tuesday, according to which Romania would give a "very tough response" in the Romanian-Moldovan diplomacy scandal.
The PSD president commented: "I think it is not advisable that we should be part in escalating such tension, in order to favor other interests and other powers in the East. "
PM Tariceanu opined too that the relations with the Moldovan Republic didn't need tension fueled by statements or comments, in case support for the Moldavans was pursued. (R.I.P.)
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