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British strategists' advice for PSD
After their meeting in Bran the Social-Democrats have visibly changed their political conduct and this is also due to the strategists who are more recently guiding the party. A copy of the electoral strategy of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), elaborated by the British advisers from the Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, Inc. has reached ZIUA. Here are some pieces of advice from the British experts to the PSD: stop fighting against Basescu, approach economy matters in the campaign for the election of MEPs and bait the undetermined electors.
As far as the election of MEPs is concerned, the British strategists think the PSD can right now count on 24% of vote intentions, since it is only the Romanian Democrats who are enjoying a better score: 37%. As for the Democrats, the PSD's main adversary, experts claim the party tops the lists due to the support from Romanian President Traian Basescu and the distance taken from corruption. (...)
Analysts have concluded that the PSD opposition to the head of state can only fetch 20% of votes and that the image of a less corrupted party matters to only 16% of the electorate. As compared to the Democrats, the PSD has got better grades for "efficient governing", "best public policies" and "leaders' competence". (...)
Small number of voters is advantageous
The British advisers assume that there will be few Romanians (about 40%) to go voting in the approaching election of MEPs and the PSD can take advantage of it, since the electors of the PSD are the most diligent ones as compared to the other parties' voters. According to the research, the loyal electorate of the PSD is most interested in issues such as the subvention for agriculture workers, education, health, lodging places and pensions. The Strategy has it that the PSD should focus on family matters and on the fight against corruption as well.
How to attract undetermined electors
According to the British strategies, those Romanians who want a change won't vote for the PSD because this party is rather associated to stability. If they want to improve, the Social-Democrats are advised to approach issues like salaries, education and health because the undermined electors are allegedly "less focussed" on agriculture, lodging places and poverty. (R.A.)
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