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Crisis or deadlock?
The basis-group in the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) has undoubtedly got angry because the PNL (national Liberal Party) is boasting about the estimated pension raise. Therefore this PSD group is playing by the President's rules and turning into a threat for the PNL, instead of teasing the President. It is to be noticed that due to his stormy interference the pension issue has got to be perceived as a new episode of the battle between himself and the PM.
Since he is a politician, Mr. Tariceanu has put it bluntly that the PNL won't join the PSD in order to govern together, because the Liberals prefer being in the opposition to such a sickly association. Therefore Mr. Geoana is now waiting for the advantages emerging from the political service he is doing to Mr. Basescu in his anti-Liberal crusade. I beg you to forgive me for noticing that the PNL president's refusal hasn't directed the media comment to the unmasking frenzy that has in the latest months denounced the so-called occult link collaboration between the PNL and the PSD. This discretion is so overt a proof of the propaganda nature of the allegation I am talking about that it isn't worth insisting.
On the other hand, Mr. Geoana's proposal is rather poisoned to Mr. Basescu: the President incited the public opinion hostile to the PSD too roughly against the PM. And now, even if playing the innocent victim of the villainous Parliament in the soap opera, he can't put up with a type of cohabitation that his own temper of an alpha macho is preventing him from accepting. It is hard for me to predict the denouement of this, except for a new political and legislative deadlock. But what if we try a hypothetical reading of the events having 'deadlock' as key word?
The parliamentary debate on the law drafts on intelligence, counterintelligence and the respective service (PL 324-326) has reached the deadline. No matter the number of sins committed by the Tariceanu government, the latter is the author of the new laws, until recently approached with bizarre discretion, despite (or due to) the fact that they illustrate a Liberal view, in the widest sense of the word, on the place and role of the intelligence services in a modern state. When interrupted rather hazily and so-called impartially because of the recent issue on the National Authority for Phone Call Intercepting, the general silence on an issue that usually enflames public opinion no longer seems bizarre, but perfectly explainable: see the previous paragraph.
As they are in love with the Platica Vidovici & Timofte projects, the MPs representing the PSD and the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) aren't fond of the present government's projects. What one sees from the Hill of Cotroceni is even more askew, since President Basescu invested his honor for the opposite projects supported by the SRI (Romanian Secret Service) and the SIE (Foreign Intelligence Service). Whether discovered or under cover, the MPs from the PD (Democrat Party) and the PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) have got neither reasons nor means to disobey the presidential imperatives.
Therefore a crisis seizing the government would be just perfect for freezing this debate and no adversary of the government's projects would have to state his/her real wish that the intelligence services should do business in the underground or make investigations like those made in the Ceausescu era. You can certainly remember that the other project, the one the President supported when he hadn't redefined yet his political profile of a great fighter against Communists and against the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania), let the intelligence service free to do business not related to the budget and make investigations no related to Justice. I can remember it, be it only due to the existence of previous attempts to promote such idea at times when I teamed with ex President Emil Constantinescu. It is just that my President kicked the projects and their supporters out.
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