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EU to supply 330 million Euro to Romania
The European Commission consented to transfer to Romania a deposit from the structural funds, about 320-330 million Euro. It was the Romanian development minister Laszlo Borbely who announced it yesterday: "Last Wednesday we received Brussels consent to the transfer of a deposit of 2% from the structural funds. Furthermore, we may access a deposit of 15% for the existing projects."
Starting with 2008 Romania is going to participate in 11 territorial cooperation programmes aiming economic and social development partnership, as well as cooperation in transport infrastructure. The projects are worth a total of 1,6 billion Euro.
The minister explained: "These programmes are to be used for the cooperation of EU states and also for cooperation with states at the EU borders. The national authorities in member states are in charge of the projects to get finance only if there are at least two beneficiaries at stake, one from each side." He mentioned talks for some of the programmes were much advanced and cooperation projects might be applied next year.
Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Moldovan Republic, Slovakia and Serbia are the countries Romania is going to sign cooperation projects with in 2007-2013. There are also some programmes of transnational cooperation of states in Southeastern Europe, as well as one project for cooperation in the Black Sea region. (C.P.)
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