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Ex President Ion Iliescu angry with prosecutors' conclusion
According to the ex President of Romania Ion Iliescu, the conclusion of the indictment military prosecutors provided to the Supreme Court is "utter aberration". It regards the death of four people during the coal miners' attacks in June 1990. The ex President claims judicial authorities displaced the responsibility for the incriminated acts from the criminals to those supposed to protect order. He commented: "The conclusion of the documentation released by prosecutors is utter aberration and it may have serious effects on constitutional order and the protection of public order."
He is against the charging
The ex President is also angry that he is mentioned as charged in the indictment. He opines political speculation is out of place in Justice authorities' evaluations. He argued: "I can't possibly refrain from expressing disagreement to and rage at being mentioned as charged in the documentation, although there is also mentioned that the inquiry is now progressing in keeping with the Constitutional Court's decision. Although the inquiry isn't over, prosecutors are already accusing that President Iliescu, elected in May 20, 1995 by 85% of electors, ordered the violent action of soldiers against the demonstrators in the University Square."
He claims there is also an attempt to divert the inquiry from those guilty of causing "the vandalism" in June 13, 1990 against some state institutions to the military structures and units that struggled to do away with the prevailing anarchy and restore order. He mentioned: "The innocent victims of June 13 were the effect of anarchical acts, but not of the needed action by state institutions, meant to restore order."
According to the ex President, the indictment also includes a "mistake" by settling that peaceful protestors were repressed, whereas, he argued, " it is notorious" that it was about "organized anarchy groups who assailed and devastated public institutions: the Bucharest Police headquarters, the Interior Ministry building, the Romanian Secret Service headquarters, the Public Television."
Civil prosecutors in charge
A different department of the Prosecutor's Office is working on the most important case, regarding the involvement of the ex President, thought to be the main guilty of the events in June 1990. Prosecutors pressed charges against him in June 19, 2007, accusing him of severe murder. This part of the case was transferred to civil prosecutors to handle due to the Constitutional Court's decision, according to which military prosecutors may not investigate on civilians.
Investigators' conclusion is that ex President Ion Iliescu decided initially to repress demonstrators in June 1990 and he thus abused his attributions. In the indictment there is an ample description of the events taking place during the coal miners' attacks in June 13, 1990 and the conclusion reached is that the President ordered and coordinated the peace keeping forces' action against demonstrators. The conclusion is straight: "It is to be highlighted that the initial decision to repress demonstrators was reached at the highest level and coordinated by the ex President Ion Iliescu himself." Prosecutors add: "The action plan was drawn at his request and, as an elected President, he ordered military action with war munitions and more equipment against the demonstrators violently protesting. He thus abused his attributions."
The Supreme Court decided yesterday that the trial on the death of four Romanians during the coal miners' attacks in June 1990 is to start in September 21, 2007. (...)
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