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Nicolaescu's guinea pigs
-- The National Health Evaluation Programme: an electoral experiment carried out on 22 million Romanians, and in which 300 M Euro is being wasted
The action of the "minister of the death" brings nothing new because the ensured Romanians had anyway the right to a medical examination and to a set of investigations free of charge once a year during the month they were born. Moreover, these analyses do not reveal the diseases that kill the Romanians, i.e. genital and urinal cancer, the lung cancer, the heart diseases, tuberculosis. As far as the gathered information are concerned, they are also useless as the National Statistics Institute keeps detailed reports concerning the population's state of health. PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party) Deputy Sorin Paveliu claims that Nicolaescu's idea has come out of a calculation error of the vice tax. This had been established at a lower value than the initial one, and for this reason Tariceanu would have modified it with his own pen. Nicolaescu has found himself with an amount of 500 million Euro, that he thought to turn into electoral capital. The proportions of the robbery? Just the money spent on 22 million letters would have sufficed for buying two tomographs for each of the country's counties.
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