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Vladescu is preparing his resignation
Sebastian Vladescu will resign due to his differences with Varujan Vosganian on the pensions. The former Finance minister said yesterday, as quoted by NewsIn, that he would step out by the end of the year from office, that is from the position of State Secretary at the Finance Ministry. "We have different visions. The increase of pensions is not sustainable. I do not know which are the financing sources, and the choosing the average gross salary as a parameter for the increase in a big trap. I shall go, as I am nothing left to do here", said Vladescu. He added that he would step out of office after he finalized the privatization of Automobile Craiova, as he was the president of the Privatization Committee, and after the European Commission approves, in September,�the last two Sectoral Operational Programmes. (R.A.)
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