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Tariceanu, accused of sabotaging Romanian companies
Senator Radu Berceanu (PD - Democrat party), former minister of Transports, has accused the Government of trying to deliberately exclude Romanian companies from the bidding for the construction of some sections of highway. This would lead, according to Berceanu, to placing the local industry to a disadvantage and to an increase of the costs for the Romanian State as well.
Berceanu has indicated Government Emergency Ordinance (GEO) no 72, adopted on 28 June 2007, establishing derogation from the provisions of GEO no 34/2006 on assigning the contracts of public acquisition and the contracts of transferring public works. The PD leader has showed that, by imposing "huge conditions", the mandatory tasks to be fulfilled in order to participate in the bidding practically excludes the Romanian companies from the construction of highways. Thus, the bidding companies must have a turnover of US$ 200 M annually for the last five years, while they must have excavated 25 million cubic meters of soil. On the other hand, the experience in construction field has to be of al least 8 years, during which they should have activated at least ten months per year. Domestic companies have no chance even though the got associated into consortia, as the same ordinance limits to three the number of companies that can make up a consortium. "Mr. Tariceanu, during his big political bitterness, might have in view some companies. But I want to inform Mr. Tariceanu that there still are tens of companies that are not those two that he is dreaming of at night time, of exclusively political reasons", said the former minister. Later on, he added that the PM wanted Euroconstruct and Paco companies excluded from the bidding. (Adrian ILIE)
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