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Adomnitei's dictatorship
-- The Liberal minister turns Education into his own estate: the contests can be won only with his approval, laws are of no importance, faces he doesn't like have to disappear
Ani Matei, pro-rector of the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, has put himself forward for the position of General Director of the Directorate General for Management in Superior Education. The National Agency of the Public Servants has organized the contest, the Ministry of Education having no control over it. Adomnitei called Ani Matei in his cabinet and asked him to withdraw, as the position was much too visible for an ex-member of UASCR (Union of Associations of Communist Students in Romania). Though he won the contest, the minister has refused for a while to name Ani Matei in that position, arguing that he assumed the violation of the law. Finally, Adomnitei has signed the appointment, but only because he was preparing a new flow chart of the Ministry of which the newly appointed director will be eliminated. By adopting the Andronescu - Hardau tactic, the Liberal minister wants to get rid of the uncomfortable ones by restructuring and renaming the positions. A similar case was at UMF (University of Medicine and Pharmacy) Iasi. Physician Ingrid Elena Cojocariu was left unemployed because although she had won the contest, she had never got into the position of university assistant as she wasn't into the Ministry's good books.
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