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Patriarch's secret
-- His Beatitude Teoctist wished to confer the metropolitan seat of Muntenia and Dobrogea (historic provinces of Romania) to his favourite, Teofan. Such a position would have turned the current Bishop of Oltenia into a favourite against His Holiness Daniel
We find out of a specification made by Costel Calapod, driver and close to His Beatitude Father Teoctist for 21 years, about the Patriarch's testament and his favourite in taking over the reins of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Other cleric sources told us about a significant detail, according to which the Patriarch was preparing a major change in the organization of the Church: the distribution of his duties. His Beatitude wanted to keep, of all his prerogatives, those of Patriarch and Archbishop of Bucharest and to confer the position of Bishop of Muntenia and Dobrogea to his favourite Teofan, currently Archbishop of Craiova and Bishop of Oltenia. The selection was to be made by the Holy Synod, the same as the appointment of the Patriarchal Vicars, avoiding by this an encroachment of the National Church Assembly, full of lay-people close to some occult structures, such as the Free Masonry. The appointment of Teofan in Bucharest as a Bishop of Muntenia and Dobrogea would have turned him into main favourite in taking over the position of a Patriarch of Romania (...). Later on, as several various sources tell us, including Costel Calapod, the Patriarch was also prepared for a possible withdrawal at Cernica Monastery, but not before seeing Teofan as Patriarch. It wasn't meant to be. The election of over 40 days will show us whether the Patriarch's will wins for the time to come.
The patriarch's driver also told us that, upon his knowledge, His Beatitude Father Teoctist had a testament, just like his predecessor, Patriarch Iustin. (...)
Victor RONCEA 
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