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Prefects hunted
The Democrats recommend that the 6 prefects suspended last Wednesday should sue the government for the respective decision. The government explained the decision by invoking the principle of mobility within the body of high civil servants, the prefects part of this body. The norms are included in the recently adopted government decision 341/ 2007. The government no longer dismissed the 6, but appointed them in other positions.
In January 2005 the PD (Democrat Party) got 16 prefect jobs and 5 of these prefects were replaced last Wednesday. Romanian Democrats' officials are now expecting the other 11 to be sacked, despite the government's plan to decentralize and depoliticize public administration.
Vasile Blaga, a general secretary of the PD, accused the government of replacing the 6 prefects on political grounds and dropping dead the idea to decentralize public administration. The ex interior minister commented: "The PD thinks the way these prefects were replaced is against the reform of public administration. The National Liberal Party approaches depoliticization just like the Social-Democrat Party, like mere words."
He claimed the Social-Democrats put pressure on the government to drive the Democrat prefects away. The sack was not exactly just, since the activity of 5 of the 6 prefects at stake was evaluated as "very good". (...) (A.H.)
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