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Russia wants advantages from the Transdniester issue
Russia's decision to withdraw from the Conventional Forces Treaty is a clue that the country is pursuing favorable solutions to the Transdniestria and Kosovo issues in exchange for dropping this decision. It was Romania's foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu who said it yesterday when questioned by senators' defense and foreign affairs committees.
The minister was summoned to the Senate to explain Romania's view on the tensing relations between the NATO and Russia and on the Kosovo case as well. Cristian Diaconescu, president of the defense committee, explained: "We were reticent thinking that the public message on some matters wasn't very clear. Right now I can tell things are somehow clearer."
Minister Cioroianu explained to the senators that Russia's withdrawal from the CFE didn't necessarily mean a deterioration of the bilateral Romanian-Russian relations, since the Russians put up with Romania's status as NATO and EU member. Still he warned Russia might make use of the withdrawal from the treaty for the sake of rougher negotiations on issues such as Transdniestria and Kosovo. The future NATO summit may focus on this, in disfavor of admitting new members in the Alliance. The minister mentioned: " Romania's view will be that of the alliances Romania is in. We have permanent consultations with our allies and we will continue to be on the lookout." (A.I.)
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