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Basescu accuses the petty politics on education
President Basescu has accused the parties of treating the education matter in a demagogical manner. "I have received letters from three parties that invite me to be part of their strategy in education. An improper political game has started, i.e. which party will appropriate the getting of a consensus on education", stated Basescu at a meeting with the Democrat students' organization. After he presented the main conclusions of the Miclea committee on the situation of the superior education in Romania, Basescu has told the PD students that the parties might try to solve the crisis just for the benefits this would bring to their image. "I wouldn't be surprised if we had a package of education laws in autumn that didn't care about the committee's conclusions... The important thing is how we solve the problem, not whom we give credit for its solution", added Traian Basescu. When asked what grade he would give himself for his activity as a president, Basescu said this would be 10 plus, in order to be consistent with a statement he made a year ago, when he had said he was perfect. (Adrian ILIE)
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