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Boc curries favour with the PSD Group of Cluj
-- The Democrats wish to take advantage of the crisis inside the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) by trying to open the way of collaboration with the PSD Group of Cluj. Emil Boc claims that the politicians of Cluj should be represented at the top leadership of their parties, including the PSD. The PD leader shows that he is available to collaboration with the PSD wing that was against the suspension of President Traian Basescu.
"I cannot help noticing that there is a trend to eliminate the Cluj representatives from the representation of the political parties at national level", said Boc in a press conference, when commenting on Vasile Dancu's recent resignation from the position of PSD vice-president. The PD leader's support statement for Rus and his group comes at a time when they are more and more isolated inside the PSD. "As the mayor of Cluj, I want from the bottom of my heart that more and more politicians from Cluj, no matter the party they belong to, hold leading positions, authority positions, decision-making positions in the Bucharest Government. No matter whether they are PD (Democrat Party), PNL (National Liberal Party), PSD (Social Democrat Party) or PRM (Greater Romania Party) members", Boc added.
Though this is, formally, a statement of solidarity among the Cluj politicians, no matter their political orientation, Boc's saying show again the Democrats availability to dialogue with that side of the PSD considered as "reforming" as compared to the PSD members from the "Old Kingdom". Emil Boc also commented on the conflict inside the PSD, whose main protagonists were Vasile Dancu and Marian Vanghelie. "When you say Vanghelie, you say everything or say nothing. As a mayor, I can understand him; as a politician, I understand Dancu", said the mayor of Cluj.
This is not the first sign Ioan Rus, Vasile Dancu and Vasile Puscas have received with a view to approaching the pro-presidential camp. Only few weeks ago, Traian Basescu said the three were "people to whom one can discuss" and of whom he had a very good opinion. The head of state placed them as opposed to Ion Iliescu and Viorel Hrebenciuc, whom he considers obstacles in the way of reforming PSD. Theodor Stolojan, another close of the president, said, after the 19 May referendum, that, in case the Social-Democrats were to come to power again, Ioan Rus would be a better PM than Mircea Geoana. The PD interest towards the Group of Cluj so much the more that the Transylvanian PSD members opposed Traian Basescu's suspension. After the Referendum, there even were talks on making a PD-PSD government that was to be led by Ioan Rus or Vasile Puscas. (...)
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