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Ukraine provided no information to Romania about the accident
Romania is not confronted to a crisis situation following the ecological accident in Ukraine, that has generated a cloud of phosphorous powder, said yesterday the Romanian minister of Environment, Attila Korodi. He made this statement after the extraordinary meeting of the Interministerial Committee for Emergency Situations. "We have taken measures to keep the situation under control", Korodi added.
The Romanian minister of the Environment drew attention upon the fact that the authorities in Kyev didn't answer any of Romania's attempts to find out more about this event. Korodi took over the meteorologists' hypothesis according to which the toxic cloud would reach Romania in the next 36 hours. He added that for now the air currents are going to the north of the continent.
Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that for the time being our country is having discussions with the Ukrainian side on this serious event.
Ukraine evacuated, yesterday, over 800 people after a train carrying yellow phosphorus derailed, causing a fire and spreading a toxic cloud over dozens of villages, officials said on Tuesday.
The train, travelling from Kazakhstan to Poland, left the tracks in western Ukraine at 4.55 p.m. local time on Monday, derailing 15 rail tanks of phosphorus.
Yellow phosphorus is a waxy solid which is stored under liquid because it ignites on contact with oxygen. Phosphorus compounds can be extremely toxic.
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