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Bye, Geoana!
-- Vice-president Vasile Dancu gave up his position in the party and made a series of reproaches to the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) leader
Vasile Dancu resigned yesterday from the position of PSD vice-president political analysis and communication. He invoked Mircea Geoana's decision to forbid him to give interviews in the press on strategic topics. Dancu's resignation certifies the separation between Geoana and the Group of Cluj. Sources inside the party also speak about a possible leave of the whole Transylvanian group from PSD. The same sources have invoked the scenario - also circulated in the past - according to which the Transylvanian wing might copy the Stolojan- Stoica model, i.e. of making an intermediary party, which, in time gets closer to PD (Democrat Party). (...) Most of the Social-Democrat leaders have appreciated Dancu's gesture as being singular. However, the breaking between Geoana and the Group of Cluj is more than obvious and it foresees a hot summer for the Social Democrats.
Dancu: "I can't accept losing my freedom of expression"
"The party has been implementing lately a strategy and a series of techniques that I consider as deteriorating the PDS' public image and its credibility as an opposition party, and the solutions I proposed are systematically rejected. Moreover, your decision to forbid me to give interviews 'on strategic themes' to the media, which has been reiterated at the latest National Executive Committee, makes it impossible to me to meet the tasks I have as a vice-president. As a left wing intellectual, I cannot accept losing the freedom of thinking and the capacity of expressing a critical analysis", said Dancu in a letter sent directly to Mircea Geoana.
Geoana: "I hope that after the dog days are over, he will have a better thought"
"I regret that Vasile Dancu wants to leave us before an important political battle. However I hope that once the dog days are over he will have a better thought and come back. We need his expertise, his involvement, so that we perform not only in the Europaraliamentary election, but also in the local, parliamentary and presidential ones", commented Geoana, quoted by Mediafax. (...)
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