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Charged ex president sent lawyers to talk to prosecutors
The lawyers of Ion Iliescu, ex President of Romania, went to the Prosecutor's Office yesterday to analyze the case charging their client with involvement in the coal miners' attacks in June 1990. Lawyer Ion Neagu says it is difficult to prove the guilt of the ex President, charged with involvement in murder. According to the lawyer, prosecutors must prove that Ion Iliescu deliberately influenced some persons to commit the respective crimes. The lawyer mentions in the case on the 4 Romanians who died in June 13, 1990 some people have already been investigated and claims he can't understand how the inquiry has led to Ion Iliescu's involvement.
Ion Neagu invokes the European Convention, according to which when certain deeds are committed under violent circumstances, they can't be called crimes, because of the special, unfortunate circumstances. The lawyer comments this point is in Iliescu's favor, because, as head of state, the latter had to choose between being passive at attacks against state institutions and taking action. Lawyers opine there is no evidence to incriminate the ex President. Prosecutors may question Ion Iliescu next week. (...) (B.G.)
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