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Politicians appreciate Constitutional Court decision
Romanian politicians don't share views on the Constitutional Court's decision to declare unconstitutional the article on military prosecutors' attributions in cases investigating on civilians.
According to the Social-Democrat Party, the decision is fair and in keeping with the European practice that has it that only in war and exceptional cases military prosecutors get in charge of civil cases. Romanian Democrats also opine that this decision is in keeping with EU requirements.
As for the "Great Romania" Party, representatives say things will be delayed, while the Liberals think the decision may effect on all the procedures and cases elaborated so far. As for civil society, the attitude is different, as analysts say rules are being changed depending on certain people.
Political analyst Stelian Tanase: "Rules changed depending on certain people"
"17 years after the events, rules are being changed depending on certain persons. This is what we see instead of the consolidation of state institutions. It is a symptom of the disease Romanian society suffers from. The Constitutional Court is made up of Social-Democrats. And let's remember that military prosecutors search on various monkey business of the military and by this decision many top people get away with it. (...) The military is world one can hardly penetrate because there is much money at stake."
Historian Zoe Petre: "Trick to postpone trial"
"The Constitutional Court is obviously protecting Mr. Ion Iliescu, because many of his allies are members of the Court. Ion Iliescu is politically responsible for the terrorists and the coal miners' attacks. This trick does but postpone Iliescu's trial." (M.T., C.A.)
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