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Just like ZIUA anticipated yesterday, the Constitutional Court decided last Wednesday that Paragraph 2 of Article 3 in Law 356/ 2006 on the modification of the Criminal Procedure Code regarding military prosecutors' attributions in cases investigating on military staff and civilians was unconstitutional.
Given such a decision, military prosecutors may handle cases on military staff only. Cases investigating on both military staff and civilians are now up to civil prosecutors. As far as this is concerned, the latter will take over inquiries and decide on evidence and accusation documents, just as they will decide if they keep such documents and evidence or proceed to different ones. Paradoxically, although based on the jurisprudence of the European Court of Strasbourg, yesterday's decision by the Constitutional Court is in utter contradiction with the national interest in learning as soon as possible the truth about the murders committed during the Revolution in 1989 and the coal miners' attacks in 1990, murders now about to be left unsettled for two years.
The new civil prosecutors will need at least 1-2 years to search ongoing criminal cases involving both military staff and civilians and they will proceed to their own inquiries. On the other hand, civil prosecutors know nothing about the specificity of murders committed during the above-mentioned events because they have never been in charge of such cases. They have got no knowledge about how military orders work or about their effect on repression troops. It will take them a long time to make out such cases.
The ex Romanian President Ion Iliescu and his generals are the main accuseds in the two cases and therefore they become the main beneficiaries of yesterday's decision. (...)
Justice minister and general attorney promised speed
Civil society representatives met with the Romanian general attorney Laura Codruta Kovesi last month, as well as with general magistrate Dan Voinea, to talk about the state of the criminal cases on the 1989 Revolution and the coal miners' attacks in June 1990, and also to ask that verdicts should be reached faster.
The delegation (Ion Caramitru, Sorin Iliesiu, and Teodor Maries) got Public Ministry officials' promise that they were supporting all claims meant to facilitate the work of prosecutors in charge of the cases so that they would reach solutions as soon as possible.
Sorin Iliescu, a vice president of the Civic Alliance, commented after the meeting: "It was a very useful talk. I think there are all odds for solutions to these two cases. The Justice minister Tudor Chiuariu, the general attorney and general magistrate Dan Voinea, they all want the two cases urgently settled. Personally, I see no obstacle to it."
Razvan SAVALIUC, Bogdan GALCA 
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