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Brussels spirits get hot because Basescu was suspended
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the European Socialists, summoned the EPP president Wilfried Martens to put an end to the support for Traian Basescu, Romania's suspended President, and take the Bucharest Parliament's democratic vote as such. It was the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) who provided the information by press release.
In the latter document Rasmussen is claimed to have said: "I believe it to be extremely strange that Wilfried Martens is expressing disagreement with a Parliament's legitimate vote. The vote for the suspension of President Basescu is being supported by most parties. Instead of lamenting on the Parliament vote, he should be asking his friend to resign."
Poul Rasmussen demanded the European leaders put up with the Romanian Parliament's will and get the EPP recommend President Basescu to resign. According to the Socialists' leader, this is the only "decent solution" for Basescu.
The PSD release explains: "President Rasmussen expressed his confusion about the double language of Wilfried Martens. On the one hand the latter supported the anti-government street demonstrations in Hungary against a democratically elected government, but on the other hand he isn't taking the legitimate vote against the President of Romania expressed by the Parliament in Bucharest." (R.A.)
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