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Offensive against suspended President
The anti-Basescu coalition has taken action by starting demonstrations against the suspended President. The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) criticized the latter for having changed his mind about resignation, although he had announced he would do it in 5 minutes the latest after the Parliament's vote for his suspension. According to the PSD leader, there will follow a moderate campaign, but there already are clues that both sides will be vehement.
Calin Popescu Tariceanu, a president of the PNL (National Liberal Party), claims to be disinterested in Basescu's fate and argues that he is focussing on citizens' needs.
The political partners against Basescu have explained more about their view on the suspension of the President. Senator Peter Eckstein Kovacs, from the Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania, has criticized his group's decision not to support Basescu in the referendum.
According to the PSD leader, the party is working on huge demonstrations to tale place next Tuesday, May 1, when over 21,000 Romanians are estimated to protest against Basescu.
In his speech in Craiova, Mircea Geoana pleaded that the referendum due in May 19 wasn't actually on the suspended President, since the latter was "finished". He argued: "The true thing is if we start to do something for Romania. We need a President to make Romanians stick together instead of picking fights, we need someone not wishing to destroy political parties. We are the people and you must drop by poll stations on May 19." He claimed that there would come out proves to show that Traian Basescu had collaborated with the ex Securitate (Communist Secret Service in Romania). He also mentioned the need to reform the Parliament, settle the uninominal vote and modify the Constitution. (...)
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