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EUobserver: Romania's backlash to kleptocracy
In an EUobserver report titled as mentioned above and authored by Valentina Pop, Romania is depicted as still in deep connections with its Communist past, given the conduct of ex Communist party's politicians, who take efforts to prevent the reforms started two years ago.
The coalition sticking to the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu is perceived as a group willing to abuse any democratic means to pursue undemocratic goals such as the postponing of the European elections, the unconstitutionally-based suspension of President Basescu and the change of the government, meant to do away with efficient ministers seen as 'too close to the President'. The entire article is available at http://euobserver.com/7/23918.
Le Temps: Ion Iliescu's second bluff
"Suspension of Romanian President: Ion Iliescu's Second Bluff" is the title of Gerard Delaloye's report, published in yesterday's edition of Le Temps. The article tackles the political crisis Romania has been seized with since the 2004 presidential elections, now escalating because President Basescu was driven away by "a Parliament with excessive prerogatives, inherited from the Communist regime".
According to the author, state institutions are still under the influence of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), President Basescu's main enemy. He comments the political situation starting from the following idea: "Due to the Soviet archives, it is now known that in December 1989 Iliescu managed to disguise a plan bluff in democratic revolution."
You can read the entire comment in French at http://www.letemps.ch/template/opinions.asp?pagea6&articlea205565. (D.E.)
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