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Germany reminds Romania about the Black Sea
Germany approached the Black Sea issue as priority for its presidency over the European Union and it would have liked Romania to place the topic on its political agenda and have more initiative. Gunther Krichbaum, a rapporteur from Romania of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the German Parliament, said this yesterday. He also mentioned in yesterday's press conference held at the German Embassy of Bucharest that Germany was waiting for some initiatives to develop and for a clear strategy.
As for the fight against corruption in Romania, Krichbaum opined there was need of progress and opined that certain notorious trials had to be carried out. In his press conference he commented that Romania needed to continue efforts with the reform of Justice and the fight against corruption, given the report the European Commission would release next June, depending on which the Parliaments of EU states would decided to apply some measures or not.
According to Krichbaum, the making of the National Integrity Agency was significantly slowing down and he advised that the deadlock should end and the PM together with the justice minister should take firm action. (...) (G.D.)
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