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Popa and Stefanescu on Voiculescu's black list
Dan Voiculescu, a leader of the PC (Conservative Party), has put on the black list those Conservatives who want to weaken the party and his intention is to execute them in some 2-3 weeks' time. Although he has uttered no name, Voiculescu has announced that the "dissidents" will be tackled in the next meeting of the PC Permanent Committee.
The PC president claims he has already identified Conservative elements pursuing to destabilize the party. He has commented menacingly: "I have seen in the press the action of one or the other who try to destabilize the party. I am telling them not to bother, because the PC can't be destabilized. (...) I have identified them. There are such people inside the party, unfortunately. But they will no longer be in the party, probably. In the next meeting of the Permanent Committee I will propose that those who want to destabilize the party should be expelled."
Voiculescu has embraced such attitude because of recent rumors on the intention of a group within the PC to sack him and get General Mircea Chelaru replace him. The group is said to be dissatisfied with the loss of governing power and with Voiculescu's decision to welcome ex Social-Democrat senator Rodica Stanoiu to the party and also with the decision of the National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive that Voiculescu was involved in the Communist political police. They are also displeased that he is now under investigations for money laundry by the National Anti-Corruption Department. Conservative sources claim that Nicolae Popa is on Voiculescu's black list because of "daring" statements. Sources also say that Codrin Stefanescu too is undesirable to the PC leader.
Still there are Conservatives who opine that Voiculescu has said such things because of his nervousness, to put an end to allegations on the idea of being replaced. One PC leader comments: "We have got no time for dissidents right now. Our priority is to reach the source of the aggressive offensive against Voiculescu." He mentions there are two sides in the party: one who thinks this comes from President Basescu and one who believes it to originate in the National Liberal Party. (...)
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