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Call the doctors!
Not even at Easter were Romanians spared of the grotesque political show performed by the very head of state they had elected. After a nightmare Basescu fancied he was in election campaign and he started to wander about the country, about Transylvanian malls and localities. For just a few days Romanians had the right to stay away from petty politics. Since the debate on the Constitution is ongoing, I think it is time for us to think about settling in it a norm for Romanian's tranquillity in order to serve public interest: every candidate to presidency should undergo real medical checks, at least from now on.
According to Romanian laws, a chariot owner who drinks alcohol may not drive his chariot on public roads. If he does, he is criminally responsible for it. He may go to prison just like a drunk car driver or a pilot with alcohol in his blood. How come that a person in a position much more important than a chariot driver, car driver or pilot can escape such check? No matter his constitutional attributions in parliamentary, presidential or half presidential democracy, a head of state whose state of mind is affected jeopardizes the state's security severely and hence citizens' security too. Just like the sleep of reason gives birth to monsters, the alcohol in the blood harms brain and reason. Under the influence of alcohol any person becomes a different person, to quote the words of the late academician Moisil, a person different from the one a state's citizens placed on a pedestal. We could see Traian Basescu on all TV channels in various circumstances, with his state affected by too much drinking. The most outrageous and notorious one was the night when they celebrated the victory of Steaua team, when he dared drive his car after having drunk a lot. The possibility to cause a car accident was just a scenario that goes for every driver who drinks alcohol before driving. It is just that a head of state has got more attributions that driving a car from point A to point B. Even if Romania hasn't got a nuclear suitcase, influenced by alcohol the President can make decisions disastrous for national interest.
And this is not all about the danger, unfortunately. It doesn't stop with the direct consequences that any President's decision, in this case Basescu, can take if in such a state. Any doctor and, after all, any common sense being can confirm that the reason of someone addicted to alcohol starts being more and more disturbed, which can be disastrous. Mental instability is the most severe consequence of it. The decision a President makes in such a state may have long term negative effects.
When I look at Traian Basescu's hands that tremble when he holds the glass of water in his official meetings in the morning, I can't repress my wish to insist that from now on all presidency candidates should be validated only if passing medical tests co-ordinated by a team of doctors, where a psychiatrist is more than necessary. I think such a team should be made up of doctors from other European states so that there would be left no room for fraud.
P.S. Only a President with a severely disturbed mind can officially state that the government of the country he heads is illegitimate, a statement with very severe consequences.
Sorin Rosca STANESCU 
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Ok the doctor. For whom?...   de Nababul123
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