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The government is dead! Long live the government!
The D.A. ("Truth and Justice") Alliance has passed away. Various people's allegations on it are just juridical whims or reflections regarding the electorate's psychology. The Alliance is broken to pieces and the authors of the disaster keep on blaming each other, in order to save what can still be saved from what the orange revolution once meant.
As for myself, I have no doubt. Traian Basescu is the author of the Alliance's failure. A few days after the Alliance's government had announced the programme, Basescu asked for early elections. In other words, when he was in bloom he announced his intention to leave the election victory behind in pursuit of a greater victory. But it didn't work out. As the president-player's political projects were failing one by one, he struggled hard o find the guilty and nail them to the wall. He didn't detect them in the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), a party already demonized, but mostly in the PNL (National Liberal Party). He hadn't confiscated the latter party yet to give his presidential party the flesh needed. During this irresponsible adventure, Basescu trained the Democrat Party, thus attesting the Democrats' decease as far as the governing was concerned. The PD is now in the opposition and will have to identify a credible political path, which isn't easy. On the contrary, it is difficult, since the same Traian Basescu is a pain in the Democrats' neck. He has led the party to the opposition and he will now lead it to nowhere. This is where Stolojan's group will get. It is a group of Liberal caricatures affiliated to the bizarre name of PLD (Liberal Democrat Party). But what is there, apart from the rejected PD?
The evil brought by Traian Basescu has thrown all the others on the other side of the political stage. There are Liberals, Social-Democrats, the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party), the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania), independent parliamentarians, Conservatives and hopeless parties. And the tiniest government ever in the history of modern Romania, enjoying only 22% of parliamentary support. The cut on the number of ministers is so large that Vosganian, dismissed so many times, has got to head both industry and finance. It is a tiny government-within-a-government.
What is next? After this new government is validated by the opposition, who chose the best evil, there will follow the final game against Traian Basescu. There is absolutely no reason for someone to try to make a pact with the head of state. He has actually become enemy number 1 for the governing officials and for the opposition as well, maybe except for some caricature parties like the PD and the PLD. It is reasonable for the initiators of the suspension of the President to keep their promise. 15 days are probably left now. After Basescu takes a "medical leave", it is to be seen if it is prolonged or if the opposition is so abrupt to proceed to referendum on suspension.
The 1st Tariceanu government is dead! Long live the 2nd Tariceanu government! Romania needs to be administered, even if hesitatingly, and even if it gets under the safeguard clause on Justice, the legacy from Monica Macovei.
As for what a minority government means, we will have enough time to learn about it. As for how a president player dies away, we are already learning about it. As for my scenario yesterday, that stunned lots of people, I need to mention that I have got no information about the intentions of the PSD. After making the first move, the validation of the 2nd Tariceanu government, this party can make the next four moves: suspend the President, come up with bill against the government, appoint a different PM and then a PSD government, in alliance with other parties or in no alliance.
Sorin Rosca STANESCU 
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