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A lost (e-mailed) letter
-- Adviser to the Romanian president, Adriana Saftoiu, resigned yesterday night following a scandal caused by an e-mail against former presidential adviser Elena Udrea (now member of the Democrat Party) and addressed to Democrat Minister of Internal Affairs Vasile Blaga.
Adriana Saftoiu was the last one "to leave the boat", the only presidential adviser Traian Basescu was having (out of the initial 11, all well-known Romanian personalities). According to sources, the resignation paper -that is due to be made public today - has been provoked by a desperate call for help via e-mail towards the Vasile Blaga (also known for his loyality to the president). Misses Saftoiu's e-mail might have got intercepted by the Secret Service run by Virgil Ardelean (known as "The Fox"). The e-mail was asking Minister Blaga to help her and her family (her husband being former presidential adviser and recently resigned chief of the External Secrete Service-SIE, Claudiu Saftoiu) reconcile with the president after Elena Udrea (and her family) helped ruining her relation with and influence on the president. Other sources inside de Democrat Party say Blaga himself, instead of helping her out, took Democrat Mayor of Bucharest Adrian Videanu's advice and informed the president. This way, Adriana Saftoiu got accused by Traian Basescu of not being loyal and attacking the unity of the party by initiating crises within the Democrat Party.
Sources from Cotroceni Palace said a fight between Basescu and his adviser followed, the president saying that it is not her decision, but his (...).
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