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Guilty and liar
-- The Superior Council of Magistracy sanctioned prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu for the part he had played in the release of terrorist Omar Hayssam. Ciprian Nastasiu is guilty of "interference meant to reach solutions beyond the legislation set for all citizens to obey". He is also accused of "interference in another prosecutor's activity, evil intentions or severe carelessness and break of procedure norms".
The remote-controlled prosecutor now with 15% salary penalty for the next three months said he would appeal against the decision. But his lies came out when the Superior Council of Magistracy questioned him. He declared having informed his superiors about his intention to demand that Syrian business be set free. But ex general attorney Ilie Botos and his executive Marcel Sampetru denied Nastasiu's statement. The prosecutor tried to play the victim, claiming that after Omar Hayssam had fled Romania he had become the main target. He commented that Hayssam's escape was to be blamed on the national security system.
Ciprian Nastasiu is also known for defying the court and refusing to provide a criminal inquiry case, just as he is known for connections with the intelligence services. Together with prosecutor Adriana Cristescu, he is investigated for abuse in the Rompetrol case. (...) (B.G.)
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