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International Herald Tribune: Romania has reverted to Balkan politics
Less then three months after Romania's accession to the EU the governing alliance is about to collapse, the International Herald Tribune reported yesterday. There is quoted the Romanian PM's announcement that the state was "witnessing the death" of the Liberal-Democrat Alliance. There is also mentioned that Monica Macovei, Romania's Minister of Justice and a fighter against corruption, is about to be dismissed due to the intention to establish a new government. The publication highlights her comment: "I feel good about the work I did. People say I was nave not to expect it. I didn't expect it to happen so soon."
According to the IHT, political tension has escalated and effected on the dispute between President Basescu and PM Tariceanu. The report points to the conflicts regarding the withdrawal of Romanian troops from Iraq and the suspension of the President.
There is estimated that the conflict some analysts believe to be proof that "Romania has reverted to Balkan politics" right after joining the EU is harming the government's activity. The IHT reminds that Romania hasn't got a foreign minister right now, just as there are no Romanian ambassadors in capitals as important as London, Paris and Washington. Legislative activity at deadlock is also invoked. (O.B.)
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