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Political crisis harms Romanian economy
-- The ongoing political conflict has been harming Romanian economy, some analysts claim. But there are also experts who think political arguments aren't effecting on economy substantially.
Last Tuesday the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest housed a debate tacking the political crisis's influence on Romanian economy. Bucharest Club, organizer of the event, is a think tank made up of personalities from the academia, politics, economics and media. The Club wants to attract more personalities interested in the evolution of international politics and pursues solutions to matters of national interest.
Economists had different answers to the question the organizers asked. Ilie Serbanescu commented that politics had no more means available to interfere in economy, as the latter had grown independent. Valentin Lazea, a chief economist of the National Bank of Romania, opined that the diminishment of foreign investment and the depreciation of national currency could cause the "red bulb" to light. Anca Harasim, representing the AmCham Romania, argued that there were clues that some investors wanted to reconsider their intention to do business in Romania. She mentioned 4 areas at deadlock: infrastructure projects, structural funds, lacking energy strategy and healthcare system. Conservative deputy Bogdan Pascu mentioned in his turn that the influence of politics on economy was beyond doubt, since any crisis delayed the decision making process of institutions subordinate to the government. According to analyst Zoe Petre, the ongoing crisis looks like the one in 1997-1998, which would make administration stuck. Sorin Rosca Stanescu opined Romania had an awful political battle ahead. Dan Pascariu argued on the other hand that this was not a catastrophic situation, but only an unpleasant one. There are political arguments in other states too, still economy goes on, he pointed.
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