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  Nr. 3892 de joi, 29 martie 2007 
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Stormy CSAT meeting to take place
-- The political tension effecting from the death of the Liberal-Democrat Alliance will be prevailing over this year's first meeting of the CSAT (Supreme Council for National Defense). The President of Romania Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu are going to share the same table today and talk to each other, which hasn't happened lately. Today's agenda is crammed and stormy debate will probably take place, given the hot issues to be raised.
The legislative suggestions for the national security law, the intelligence, counterintelligence and protection activity, the making, structure and activity of the National Agency of Communication Interception, the activity of the Romanian Secret Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service are all apples of discord between the two groups within the CSAT.
And premier is also due in today's meeting: PM Tariceanu may vote twice, since he is both a vice president of the CSAT and an interim foreign minister.
100 Romanian soldiers to return from Iraq
President Basescu is going to announce the withdrawal of 100 Romanian soldiers in Basra mission under UN mandate. (...) The decision to call back home the 100 Romanian soldiers protecting the UN staff and location was reached in March 27, after the talks with the allies had ended.
No maintenance contract for frigates
The CSAT members are also to tackle information on the acquisition contract with the BAE Systems regarding the long-term logistic support for the 2 frigates Romania bought from Britain. The frigate maintenance contract with the British company has been delayed for some years now, although in the acquisition contract there are clear clauses on the frigate maintenance.
Romania's national defense strategy and the strategy on the use of the Romanian military in foreign missions are two more issues on today's agenda.
The report on the implementation of the TETRA radio communication systems and suggestions on technical and finance solutions are also to be debated. The development of the TETRA mobile radio communication system in Romania is at stake. If Marcel Opris, head of the Special Telecommunication Service, succeeds in persuading the CSAT members that the TETRA system is useful, his service will get to handle millions of Euro meant for acquisitions and system implementation.
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