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Voronin's provocation
-- The Communist authorities in Chishinau headed by Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin started repression yesterday: those who attempted to celebrate the unification of Basarabia with Romania on March 27 were retained and sued.
As they could see that the provocation for Bucharest authorities, expressed by speeches and interviews, was fruitless, Chishinau Communists took up more brutal means. Nicolae Dabija and Anatol Petrenco, leader of the European Action move, were charged with organizing and attending unauthorized public demonstrations. The two of them delivered a speech last Sunday: "Basarabia - 89 Years since the Unification with Romania". They also brought bouquets of flowers to the statue of Stephen the Great in Chishinau.
The leaders of the Liberal Party in the Moldovan Republic were also retained yesterday during a ceremony celebrating 89 years since the above-mentioned unification. The police prevented the demonstration, claiming it wasn't authorized. Dorin Chirtoaca, a Liberal candidate in the local elections to take place in June 3, the PRO TV Chishinau reporter and cameraman filming the event and 8 members of the Hyde Park NGO in Chishinau were also arrested. Three members of the latter NGOs were sued. (G.D.)
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