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European Commission criticizes first car matriculation fee in Romania
-- The fee Romanians are to pay to matriculate their first car doesn't protect the environment and it disregards the real degree of the vehicle's degradation. This is what the European Commission explains in a letter sent to the Romanian government. (...)
There is mentioned that Romanian citizens have got no means to disagree with fiscal authorities on the evaluation of the real degradation of the vehicle, because Romanian legislation doesn't allow citizens to contest the estimation reached on grounds of fix criteria. The European Court of Justice supports the member states' right to use fix criteria to calculate the real degradation of vehicles, but the estimation must lack all discriminating effects. There is outlined that the criteria in the Romanian Fiscal Code may become compatible to Article 90 in the Treaty of the Council of Europe only if Romanian car owners are granted the right to address Romanian courts against the car matriculation fee calculated on the respective criteria, which may cause an excessive use of fees.
The Commission concludes Romania must obey the Court's decision and make sure that in such cases Romanian citizens may contest the results effecting from the application of the fix criteria. (...)
Vosganian: We continue with the fee, but avoid the European Court of Justice
The Romanian government is going to use the same car matriculation fee, but there is need for a solution to avoid the European Court of Justice. This is what the Romanian economy minister Varujan Vosganian said yesterday. According to the latter official, the Romanian car industry will reach business of over 20 billion Euro by 2011 and Romania will produce about 600,00 vehicles, as compared to the 200,000 produced last year. He claimed there will be 300,000 employees of the car industry by 2011. (...)
According to the minister, this fee will help Romania meet the standards on the cut of carbon dioxide emissions once new cars replace older ones. (...)
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