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Into the services' hands
-- Basescu should resign if he is not aware of what is happening in some sections of the secret services, Omar Hayssam's Israeli lawyer stated for ZIUA daily. YOU MAY FIND THE INTERVIEW HEREATTACHED!
Hayssam - Mossad collaboration
Mordechai Tzivin sued the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs for having been late in submitting the Mossad Omar Hayssam's offer to collaborate. The lawyer claims that Hayssam would have offered to help Mossad to repatriate to Israel the body of an Israeli secret agent, Eliah Cohen, executed in Syria in the '60s.
Expected in Romania
Independent deputy Nati Meir said on Thursday that he had asked for the SPP (Guard and Protection Service) protection after he decided to act as "a mediator" between the Parliament and Mordechai Tzivin, Omar Hayssam's lawyer. Nati Meir said he had a parliamentary office in Israel and that he had received a request from Omar Hayssam's lawyer, in Israel, who was asking for being heard by the Romanian Parliament. "He comes to Romania provided that he may go back. He doesn't want money, he wants to show that there is corruption in Romania and how Omar Hayssam left the country", Nati Meir explained. Asked by the ZIUA reporters whether he would come to Romania to answer to some questions before the Parliament, Mordechai Tzivin answered: "I believe I found out about this yesterday. If I feel that this thing will help the Romanian people to fight against corruption and terrorism, I think I will accept. I am not allowed to talk about this file (i.e. the Hayssam file), but I will say some things which I am allowed to speak about in connection with this file.
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