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Mock consultations
The President of Romania Traian Basescu mocked the political leaders gathered to Cotroceni Palace yesterday to ask him to resign or settle the crisis. He is to present the outcome today.
Yesterday's debate between the President and the leaders of parliamentary parties was fruitless. PM Tariceanu, a leader of the PNL (National Liberal Party), didn't attend. The Liberal leaders there agreed with Geoana's PSD (Social-Democrat Party) that the President was the main guilty of the ongoing political crisis, claiming that the Parliament, but not Presidency, had the solution. The PD (Democrat Party) and the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) pleaded for early elections, as they thought they would settle all problems. The groups of minorities different from the Magyar one claimed that early elections were impossible. No representative of the "Greater Romania" Party was present. Dan Voiculescu's Conservatives proposed that the head of state should resign.
But President Basescu replied: "Wouldn't it be better if Tariceanu resigned?" He intends to hold a briefing today to present the outcome. Yesterday he admitted it in the open that he had no solution. The President also noticed: "It seems the political dispute or crisis is reaching institutions too."
President to Liberals: "Are you doing it with the PSD?"
The President asked the Liberals ironically: "So have you made up your mind? Are you doing it with the PSD?". He meant the making of a Liberal minority government with parliamentary support from the PSD, Liberal sources say. The Liberals there told the President that the government and the PNL would be seeking a solution in the Parliament so that the present government would carry out the mandate.
Crin Antonescu, a vice president of the PNL, told after the debate that the Parliament had the solution to end the crisis, not Cotroceni Palace. The Liberals complained about learning no news from the President, adding that the latter had anyway lost his "moral status and his political status as arbitrator too". They commented he was no interlocutor to settle crises. Antonescu explained: "He has actually told us nothing, he has proposed nothing, he has presented no view or solution. He has only claimed that this is meant to learn the views of political parties." He recounted that the Liberals had "clearly and politely" informed him that they thought the "arbitrator-player" was useless. (...)
Sources claim the President was displeased with the PM's absence. Antonescu claimed PM Tariceanu didn't attend because of a "busy schedule." (R.I.P.)
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