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LATEST - In Brief
How much is the President?
The Ceausescu syndrome is haunting Romania's roads. The President and the PM are fighting by means of official cars. To drive President Basescu to a 20-kilometer destination costs more than 1,000 Euro.
During the violent events in December 1989, a group of officials in the Ministry of National Defense thought about providing special protection to Iliescu and this is how the SPP (Guardianship and Protection Service) emerged. But ever since then the service has been developing on and on. Limos and more special equipment were bought and the SPP has turned into a scarecrow on roads. SPP employees look drivers and pedestrians down and they change the laws when they are accompanying their precious objective: "The Main". The latter is President Basescu, most of the times He is the beneficiary of a huge chain of guardians, even when he goes out for a drink. Speed much higher than allowed, injured people or traffic jams are no obstacles on the official delegation's way.
And it is Romanians who foot the bill. But what is even more serious is that "the main" objective behaves the way he pleases, driving his car after drinking several glasses of wine or trying his motorbike. Such a state of things prevailing in Romania has got nothing to do with the EU states' civilization, where kings and presidents of state aren't in the habit of humiliating their people on roads. ZIUA provides you with a report on the costs of official car drives. (...) (L.K.)
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