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LATEST - In Brief
SRI called on before the court
-- The Bucharest Law Court gave the Romanian Intelligence Service (Ro. SRI) ten days to prove that having tapped the phone calls of the Rompetrol president was legal
The Bucharest Law Court notified, yesterday, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), in the case Dinu Patriciu opened against this institution, to produce before the court the authorization of tapping the phone calls of the businessman and those of other employees of Rompetrol Comp., the authorization granting access to the Rompetrol computer-based data and the administrative document by which the declassification of the information obtained was disposed. Thus, SRI has to produce evidences till the next term, established on March 23rd, in relation with the documents required by the businessman's lawyers and, possible, whether these documents are covered by secrecy or not. Ovidiu Budusan, the lawyer defending Dinu Patriciu and Rompetrol, has stated that the required documents cannot be classified as long as the evidence obtained on their grounds has been administered. He claimed before the judges that SRI had not been invested by the Parquet to tap the phone calls of Dinu Patriciu and of Rompetrol Company.
Unauthorized wire tapping
Businessman Dinu Patriciu and Rompetrol Comp. have sued SRI after the media published, in April 2006, minutes of the tapped discussions the businessman had with several partners. Patriciu and Rompetrol require SRI moral compensations to an amount of 1,325,000 lei per each, as a reward for the "lost business opportunities" and due to the fact that their "relations with business partners, especially those from abroad" were put to danger. The complainants claim, in their request of calling on before the court, that SRI would have tapped the phone calls Dinu Patriciu had from both his personal and work phones, during 1994-2005, and that the whole communication system of Rompetrol Comp. would have been tapped during 2003-2005. They also say that the tapping of the phone calls SRI carried out was done by "glaringly violating the law provisions" and labelled it as "an unjustified, undesirable and illegitimate encroachment, in a democratic society". On the other side, SRI mentioned that it "did not require nor obtained from the relevant authorities documents concerning the authorization for carrying out wire tapping activities on some individual or on the complaining legal person. The secret service however admitted businessman Dinu Patriciu's phone calls had been tapped for fifteen months, starting 2003. (...) (Andrei GHICIUSCA)
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