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Opposition Wants to Delay Elections for MEPs
In a meeting with the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the Social-Democrats, the Conservatives and the Greater Romania Party members asked him to delay the scrutiny, invoking the domestic political crisis that should be settled as priority.
The PM announced he might have to delay elections unless the political class gave up the "parasitory" issues preventing it. He gave the Romanian President and the Social-Democrats' leader Mircea Geoana an ultimatum, demanding they should drop initiatives of referendums on the uninominal vote and the suspension of President Basescu. The PM explained the latter subjects were a waste of time and money that would diminish the importance of elections. "Unless you give it up, I will have to take a measure against my belief and delay the elections. I hold you responsible for not respecting our commitments to the Romanian people and to our European partners", Tariceanu said. In a letter sent to the PM last week, the President insisted the elections should not be delayed.
Raluca Papadopol 
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