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LATEST - In Brief
Journalists before traditional gypsy court
A gypsy court lacking consistency in both substance and shape has tried journalists
Romanian journalists were called, last week, before an unconventional court: a gypsy trial. The initiative, which belongs to the non-governmental organization Romani Criss and to the Press Monitoring Agency, turned out to be a real vendetta. The gypsy Stabor (traditional court that operates on the basis of unwritten rules, but strictly observed) didn't intend, even for a second, to observe any of the procedures applied in a court. The rules of a fair trial, which is traditional in the Rroma communities, were not observed.
Altered procedures
Stabor's summons was sent by fax and email to editorial boards. While reading carefully the text of the summons, we notice that the procedures, both the "civil" (i.e. the State's) and the traditional ones are being altered.
The damaged side sent the summons, and not the Stabor, as it would be normal, and the verdict was practically given before the trial started. In other words, journalists are subjective, politically influenced, superficial, not objective in their reports on Rroma people. Their giving up the principles of the Deontological code in favour of mounting selling perpetuates the stereotypes and non-professionalism: "We're sick of it! The image of the Rroma people promoted by the Romanian media makes us to call before the Stabor (informal trial) the journalists' community (...)" says the fax sent to our editorial office. (L.L.)
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