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Marko Bela, reelected at the head of the Union
UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania) leader Marko Bela was reelected, on Saturday, at the Congress of the alliance, president of UDMR for the next four years. He became, thus, the chief of a party with the longest life in the post-communist period, following the C. V. Tudor "Tribune".
After 13 years at the head of the Union, its sole candidate Marko Bela came before the Congress with a message of unity, which didn't lack radical accents.
"This kind of politics has to stop"
The autonomy discourse the chief of the Union waved during the two days of Congress entailed critics both from the side of the Opposition and from that of the Power. PSD (Social-Democratic Party) chairman, Mircea Geoana, has stated that Marko Bela should decide whether his autonomy discourse, related to the competition inside the Union, is the discourse he can also use as vice-PM of the Government. Geoana added that UDMR can make use of its right to walk out of the governance any time if it appreciates its coalition partners do not meet their commitments concerning the adoption of a minority status. In his turn, PNL (National Liberal Party) vice-chairman Ludovic Orban has said that UDMR should give up the politics it promotes, mentioning that Romania is a country that makes "a great show of zeal" regarding the respect of the rights of the national minorities. Orban has mentioned that the Constitution provides only one form of autonomy, and that is the local administrative one. "I do not know what UDMR might ask for, as whatever would be would be illegitimate", the Liberal vice-chairman added. "This kind of politics UDMR has must stop", Orban also said. (O.B.)
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